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How to Select the Perfect Auto Transporter

How to Select the Perfect Auto Transporter

Have you found your perfect ride thousands of miles away? You’re not alone.

Many individuals buy vehicles in other states because they can access a bigger network of car sellers and more easily find particular models or rare cars.

Once you’ve found your dream car, you’ll need a reliable auto transporter. How do you find the best auto shipping companies, though?

Let’s examine why you need a professional automobile transport company, what to expect from an auto shipping service, and what to look for in quality auto transport services.

Best Auto Shipping Companies Are Punctual

An important quality of a reputable auto shipping company is punctuality. Scour Google Reviews and social media sites to see which companies have gotten positive reviews and high ratings for being on time from previous clients.

Partnering with a punctual auto transporter eliminates the need for you to worry about your ride being delayed. A dependable transporter will take every step necessary to ensure every car shipment is a stress-free, safe, and fast experience.

Best Auto Transporter Is Transparent

The right auto shipping company will also be transparent with you about their auto transport process and cost.

For instance, look for a company that offers a car shipping calculator on their website. The calculator will tell you how much it will cost you to ship your car based on how far away the car needs to go. A quality calculator will also factor in variables like your pickup date and your car size.

In addition, note that your price will vary based on whether you choose enclosed auto transport or open auto transport.

Enclosed auto transport is ideal for collectible cars you want to protect from the elements, for example. However, it costs more than open auto transport. That’s because the carrier holds fewer cars than open carriers do.

With open auto transport, your car will ship on a carrier containing several other cars. The open auto transport option will save you money. However, your car won’t be shielded from weather conditions or debris.

A quality auto transporter can help you determine which option is best for your needs. For many customers, open auto transport is sufficient due to being effective and more cost-efficient than enclosed transport.

Additional Considerations Related to Transparency

A reliable and legitimate auto transport company will also ask you to pay for their service through a check or credit card. Steer clear of companies that request payments through wire transfers, as they might be scammers.

A reputable auto transport company will be transparent about their cancellation policy, too.

Even though you likely don’t plan to cancel your car shipment, an emergency may force you to. This is why you should choose a company with a customer-friendly cancellation policy. Find out if you canceling your shipment will result in extra charges.

Your chosen auto transport company will also tell you upfront what documents are required to ship a car. An example of this is the bill of lading.

The more prepared you are by having the right documents, the faster the transport process will go.

Best Auto Transport Services Are Versatile

The best auto transport companies offer various types of transport services to meet customers’ unique needs as well.

For instance, hot shot car transport services can help you ship a luxury car quickly. Likewise, let’s say you’re trying to ship a collector car to another city or state after buying or selling it. Look for an expert in auto transport for antique and vintage cars.

In addition, versatile service providers can ship a car to another state or perform cross-country car shipping depending on how far your car needs to travel.

If your car needs to travel up to 500 miles, the shipment may take one day to two days through state-to-state shipment services.

Meanwhile, if your car’s destination is 2,000 miles away (west to east), it might take seven days to 12 days for your car to get there. You can expect the same shipment time if you’re transporting your car from south to north through cross-country car shipping services.

Let’s say you need your car dropped off and picked up from a certain location, like a home. A reputable auto transport service can do this for you, too. This service, called door-to-door auto transport, is the most affordable and safest way to ship your vehicle in the US.

Best Automobile Transport Service Is Insured

Look for a hotshot car transport company that also has auto transport insurance. This will ensure that you’ll be covered financially if your auto transport driver gets involved in a car crash during the car transporting period.

Find out what your desired automobile transport service’s insurance policy covers. Then, choose the company with the most comprehensive yet affordable coverage.

Best Auto Transporters Are Registered

Finally, choose only an auto transport company that is registered with the US’s transportation department.

You can verify this by asking a company for their department number. In addition, ask them for their motor carrier number, and confirm this with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

How We Can Help with Auto Shipping

If you need to ship a vehicle, look for an auto transporter whom previous clients have praised for being punctual. In addition, choose an auto shipping company that is transparent about their pricing. The best auto shipping companies are also registered and insured.

At EZ Transport, we take pride in being your leading provider of auto transport services. We’ll make sure your car is quickly, efficiently, and carefully shipped to its destination.

Get in touch with us to learn more about our automobile transport services, and let’s ship your car today!



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